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The industrial strength flannel that removes dirt and grime efficiently and quickly.

GrimeErazor MAX

Combining our best ever cleaning wipes with an effective disinfectant solution make these wipes the ideal solution. GrimeErazor Wipes have been our bestselling range of wipes, quickly removing dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces. Being primarily designed for cleaning hands, we’ve now added a fast acting anti-bacterial agent to help sanitise as well as clean the hands. Using an abrasive cloth, weighing around 45gsm, it makes for a tough wipe to combat the toughest of grime. 80 wipes per tub, 10 tubs per outer case





GrimeErazor Heavy duty

This heavy duty abrasive industrial hand wipe provides fast, easy cleaning and a cost effective solution to cleaning hands, with the added benefit of portability. GrimeErazor can be used anywhere on the toughest oils, greases and grime encountered in the work place. Each tub provides 50 perforated high strength absorbent cleaning cloths, treated with a gentle skin formulation that is tough on grease and grime. GrimeErazor is also ideal for cleaning tools, equipment engines, work in progress and spills. 50 wipes per tub, 10 tubs per case.

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